Our Factories

All Rio Santo branded products have been produced in three factories where Yonca Gida is continuing its production activities. The company is continuing its services in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone where there is the Factory of Yonca Gida Yag Isletmeleri in Central Office of the Company. In addition Yonca Gida Pickle Businesses is continuing its activities in two facilities in Saruhanli and Karaagacli Counties.

Vegetable Oil Facilities

All Rio Santo branded vegetable and olive oil products have been produced in Yonca Food Industries which is located in Manisa / Turkey.

Yonca Food vegetable Oil Facilities becoming a company to refine all vegetable liquid oil products by means of its new physical refining facility physically is removing foreign substances constituting during production steps in vegetable liquid oil thanks to refining processing and thus bringing them suitable products for consuming. Since this processing is made in high temperatures under vacuum, refined cooking oil is gaining a lot of resistance and thus becoming more resistance against heat during using by consumers. Since all processing is made by being untouched by human hands and under control of a computer, lastly it is made filling and packing and presenting to the consumers as oils marked Yonca.
In the labs of Yonca AR-GE adopting “Health first of all” it is searched the most suitable oil values for human health. In line with the demands of the consumers it produces those oil products having health and taste together as a result of those researches. Yonca establishing its own standards without giving any concession from its quality since its founding is using different quality control stages in its products punctiliously from entering raw material to last stage when the products meet with consumers.

Canned Food Facilities

Rio Santo branded tomatoes products and fruit-vegetable Products has been continuing its activities for in 2 primary productions facility on a 75.444 m² area of which 20.500 m² is covered area. Tomatoes products, pickle products, vegetable and fruit products whose quality and standards were specified before are pasteurized in glass and tin packing in all hygienic environments. It is produced vegetable products, varieties of pickles and gourmet group products as grilled products in vegetable facility.

Pickle Facilities

Yonca Gida reached to the greatest pickle production capacity by joining our factory to organization of Yonca Gıda Sanayi A.Ş to 2010. Our factory is located on 68.000 m2 open area and 32.000 m2 covered area